The top 40 best atheist songs

In this post, I’ll be listing the 40 atheist songs that I’ve judged to be the best, based on several factors including cleverness and relevance to the topic.

When I first started searching for atheist music, I found that a lot of the lists people have made were full of songs that really had little to nothing to do with atheism, which made it hard to find actual atheist songs. A song isn’t an atheist song just because it’s about science. A song isn’t necessarily an atheist song even if it mentions atheism or has a vaguely anti-religious sounding title.

In my list, I am only including songs that actually have lyrics that (favorably) discuss atheism (or closely related topics such as criticism of religion, arguments for and against the existence of God, and rejection of supernatural beliefs). I may occasionally include a song that isn’t exactly an atheist song if it’s close enough to being one, and it’s good enough in other ways to make up for the slight lack of relevance. But the further a song is from really being an atheist song, the less likely it is to make it onto this list.

  1. Brains” by Greydon Square
  2. A Rational Response” by Greydon Square
  3. Thank You God” by Tim Minchin
  4. Stockholm Syndrome” by Greydon Square
  5. Freethinker Blues” by Dan Barker
  6. Still a Lie” by Godless Wonder (cover by Daniel Doscher)
  7. The Sound of Science
  8. Bad Things Happen” by Baba Brinkman
  9. Ballad of the Non-Believer” by Tombstone da Deadman
  10. Worship Me” by Johnny Hoax
  11. The Good Book” by Tim Minchin
  12. 2010 A.D.” by Greydon Square (featuring Syqnys and TaskRok)
  13. Don’t Find Faith With The Fairies” by Nick Gisburne
  14. Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud” by Epic Rap Battles of History
  15. Poison” by Tombstone da Deadman
  16. The CPT Theorem” by Greydon Square
  17. Naturalizm” by Baba Brinkman (featuring Syqnys)
  18. Nothing Fails Like Prayer” by Dan Barker
  19. The Preacher and the Skeptic” by Casual Entropy
  20. End of Faith” by Zero Days
  21. As an Artist” by Greydon Square
  22. Silence Us” by Tombstone da Deadman
  23. Religion is Just a Con-Trick” by Nick Gisburne (cover by Traxx 01)
  24. Sunday in Reality” by Cynthia Carle
  25. Manifesto” by Tombstone da Deadman
  26. Dear God” by XTC
  27. Angels” by Cynthia Carle
  28. I Don’t Believe in Fairies” by Shelley Segal
  29. The Word of God” by Catherine Faber
  30. I’d Rather Be Free” by Young Inc
  31. Saved” by Shelley Segal
  32. Oh Lord” by Aurelio Voltaire
  33. Beyond Reason” by Tombstone da Deadman
  34. Keep It to Yourself” by Young Inc
  35. Molotov” by Greydon Square
  36. Life is Good” by Dan Barker
  37. Credulous Minds” by Breaking Bad
  38. The Dream” by Greydon Square
  39. Black Atheist” by Greydon Square (featuring Noob)
  40. Say” by Greydon Square

Do you know any more atheist songs that you think should be included in the top 40? Leave a comment below and let me know, and if I think your suggestions are good enough, I’ll update the list.

Is 40 songs not enough for you? You can get a list of the best 100 atheist songs on Patreon.

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