Should we follow God’s example?

The Bible says we should follow God’s example. That makes sense, because God is perfect, and everything he does is right. God is love, and we should walk in the way of love. We should be holy as God is holy, and perfect as he is perfect. We should speak the way God would speak. We should think like Jesus and follow his ways.

Paul taught his followers to transform themselves and become like God, because God wants his people to become like him. Paul followed Jesus’s example, and we should follow Paul’s example, so that we end up following Jesus’s example too.

How can we follow God’s example, though? I mean, if we can’t see God, how can we know what kinds of things he does, so that we can do the same? We can find out what God does by reading stories about God in the Bible. That includes stories about Jesus, since according to the Bible, Jesus is God.

So, here are some things we should do in order to follow God’s example, according to the stories about God in the Bible:

…Wait a minute. Those are all things the Bible says we shouldn’t do!

How are we supposed to follow God’s example if he won’t allow us to do any of the things he does? I know! We can follow God’s example by being hypocrites!

…No, never mind. It looks like he doesn’t want us to follow that example either. God just doesn’t want people to be like him. When Adam and Eve became like God, knowing good and evil, God punished them and made sure they wouldn’t become even more like him by gaining immortality. He did the same when he thought humans were on the verge of becoming all-powerful. Following God’s example is clearly not something we should be doing.

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