The Story of Dinah and Shechem
Somebody's in Canaan with Dinah

Jacob ran away from his angry brother, and married his cousins Rachel and Leah and their servants Bilhah and Zilpah. They had twelve sons and a daughter named Dinah.

Shechem, the son of a ruler in the nearby city of Shechem, raped Dinah. When Dinah’s brothers heard about that, they were furious, because Shechem had sex with Jacob’s daughter. Nobody should have sex with Jacob’s daughter!

Shechem asked Dinah’s family to let him marry her, and they said he could marry her if all the men in the city of Shechem were circumcised. So they all got circumcised. But then some of Dinah’s brothers murdered all the men in the city while they were in too much pain to defend themselves, and stole all their property and women and children.

Jacob told his sons that their behavior would probably give their family a bad reputation, and he cursed them for it. But his sons said what they did was okay, because Shechem shouldn’t have treated their sister like a prostitute.

The end.

The moral of the story

Don’t have sex with Jacob’s daughter. And if you do, don’t pay her for it.1

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