Can the coming of the kingdom of God be observed?

Jesus once claimed that the coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed. He acted like “the coming of the kingdom” wasn’t what it sounded like at all. Like it was just something that was with you all along. But he also told his disciples they were going to see the coming of Christ along with his kingdom, which is also God’s kingdom.1

Even in the same chapter in Luke where Jesus said it wasn’t observable, he goes from saying you can’t see it to saying you can’t miss it. He says everyone will be able to see his coming, like lightning flashing all across the sky. And he goes on to describe it as a definite concrete event.

In the parallel passage in Matthew, Jesus also mentions that his coming will be accompanied by highly noticeable signs in the heavens. And that “all the peoples of the earth” will be able to see him coming with power.

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