Should diseased people be isolated?

The Bible says if someone is confirmed to have a serious skin disease that turns their skin and hair white, that person is not to be isolated. Why? Because the person is “already unclean”. It says people who might be diseased need to be isolated, but people who are either definitely healthy or definitely diseased don’t have to be isolated. Don’t ask me what good that’s supposed to do.

Then it says if the person is so badly diseased that all their skin is discolored from head to foot, that person is now “clean” and definitely doesn’t need to be isolated. None of this makes any sense, especially considering what it says later in the same chapter:

As long as a person has a defiling disease like this, they must live alone, staying away from everyone else, because they are unclean. It’s not clear whether this part refers to all people who have serious skin diseases or just to men with sores on their bald heads, but since it says they have to let their hair be unkempt, I’m guessing it doesn’t just mean bald men. And either way, saying that anyone needs to be isolated because they’re unclean contradicts the earlier statement that uncleanness is a reason not to isolate people.

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