Which creature is the greatest?

Genesis says God created humans in his own image to rule over all the animals. Sound like we’re the greatest of God’s creatures, then.

David says humans may be insignificant compared to God, but God has indeed crowned us with glory and honor, and made us rulers over the rest of his creation, putting all the animals under our feet.

Except he says humans are a little lower than the angels. So we’re actually not quite the greatest of all creatures, then. Angels are.

Then there’s Solomon, who wisely points out that humans don’t even have any advantage over animals.

So what is the greatest of all earthly creatures, if it’s not humans? In the book of Job, God says the behemoth ranks first among the works of God.

But then in the next chapter, he says it’s the leviathan. The leviathan is king over all that are proud, and nothing on earth is its equal.

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