Will the mountains and hills last forever?

The Bible says at least one mountain can’t be shaken and will last forever. It has to, because Mount Zion is where God is always going to live. And the Bible describes the hills as everlasting.

But it also says mountains erode and crumble. Mountains can be shaken and fall into the sea. God makes them quake, and they melt like wax. And it’s not just God who can move mountains. Anyone can do it if they believe they can. God will enable his people to crush mountains. And hills can be removed or melt away, so no, they are not everlasting.

So some mountains are temporary, but maybe Mount Zion is different? Nope. All the mountains and hills will be brought low one day. Every mountain will be removed, so none of them can be found. The mountains will be overturned and the cliffs will crumble. God will level them and lay them waste.

In fact, the mountains have been torn apart already. God made the mountains crumble and the hills collapse.

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