Can anyone predict the future?


Solomon (the wisest man ever, according to the Bible) says no one knows the future, so no one can tell you what’s to come. Because no one knows what’s coming. No one knows when their own death will come. In fact, no one can discover anything about their future, and no one can tell you what’s going to happen in the world after you die, either.

James agrees. He says you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, so you shouldn’t act like you even have any idea what you’re going to do tomorrow.

That’s settled, then. No one can predict the future. The Bible says so. Who’s going to disagree with the Bible? Oh right, of course… The Bible is going to disagree with the Bible.


The Bible says God knows before you’re born what will happen every day of your life. He announces new things before they come into being. God told his people to obey him, but he knew they wouldn’t, because God can tell you from the beginning how everything is going to end. He knows what you’re going to say before you say it. His Spirit tells people what is yet to come. And he gives some people the gift of prophecy. There are around a hundred prophets in the Bible, and it’s full of their predictions of future events. I’ll mention just a few of those here.

It says Joseph correctly predicted seven years of abundance and seven years of famine, among other things, and Elijah was able to predict when it would or wouldn’t rain. Elisha predicted a famine, too, and so did a New Testament prophet named Agabus. Even when Elisha gave wrong predictions, he knew what was really going to happen.

The Bible says everything Samuel said came true. God made sure the blind prophet Ahijah knew what was coming when someone was going to try to trick him. A prophet named Eliezer predicted that the king’s ships would be destroyed, and they were. The prophets correctly predicted that Babylon would conquer Judah, and that the Jews would later return from exile.

Isaiah told about what God would do in the future, and what his people would do in days to come. Jeremiah predicted that in days to come, the people would clearly understand what he was saying. Ezekiel told the people what they would do in future years. Daniel had multiple visions where he learned what was going to happen in the distant future, in a time yet to come.

According to Peter, the prophets had at least some idea of what future plans God had for salvation. Peter also claims that David predicted the resurrection of Jesus a thousand years before it happened. Speaking of Jesus, he predicted that his followers would be persecuted.

The book of Revelation records what somebody saw in a vision, most of which it says are things that will take place later. It says God sent an angel to show that guy the things that would take place, but hadn’t yet.

Jesus notes that you don’t even have to be a prophet to predict some things. One of the proverbs of the wise states that if you’re zealous for God and don’t envy sinners, then your future hope will not be cut off. How could the writer know that if no one could know the future? Paul talked about the judgment to come. How could he do that if no one knows what’s to come?

The Bible says Jacob told his sons what was going to happen to them later. Jonathan was able to interpret a sign he made up to correctly predict that he would be able to defeat some Philistines.

You don’t even need to have God on your side to predict the future. Bildad correctly predicted how Job’s story would end, even though God wasn’t pleased with Bildad and insisted that what Bildad said about him wasn’t true. The Bible says some random guy from an enemy nation was able to correctly predict that Israel would defeat them, just based on his friend’s weird dream.

It says some obscure personal priest working for an idolator correctly predicted that some other idolators would successfully destroy an unsuspecting city. An evil king of Judah was able to predict what God’s prophet would say to him two chapters later. Even demons can give you the ability to predict the future. So clearly the Bible is wrong, because the Bible says no one can predict the future at all.

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