The Story of Ahab and Micaiah
God Admits to Inspiring False Prophecy

God decided to get King Ahab killed by sending him to war with Aram. He sent a spirit to deceive Ahab’s prophets so they would give him bad advice. Evil Ahab was considering retaking some territory that he had lost to Aram. But his ally, Jehoshaphat the good king of Judah, convinced him to seek advice from God first.

Ahab’s 400 prophets, under the influence of the deceiving spirit from God, told him that he should go fight Aram, and he would be successful. But there was one prophet, Micaiah, who had always prophesied bad things about Ahab, so Ahab hadn’t consulted him this time. But Jehoshaphat said he should.

Micaiah was advised to tell Ahab he would succeed, but Micaiah said he could only say what God told him. Then he told Ahab he would succeed. But Ahab reminded Micaiah that he was supposed to be telling him the truth. So Micaiah told Ahab he would die in battle. Ahab wasn’t happy with that message either, so he had Micaiah put in prison, to be kept there until Ahab’s safe return.

Ignoring Micaiah’s prediction, Ahab and Jehoshaphat went together to fight the Arameans, who wanted to kill King Ahab. Ahab tried to get his ally Jehoshaphat killed by telling him to wear his royal robes while Ahab went in disguise, but that didn’t work. Ahab got killed by someone shooting arrows randomly.

The end.

The moral of the story

Don’t tell the truth, or you will be imprisoned for life.

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