Did God only create good things?

The Bible says when God finished creating the world, he saw all that he had made, and it was very good. Later on, it says his works are perfect, and everything he created is good.

But that’s clearly not true. If God made everything, and not everything is good, that means not everything God made is good.

What about that one tree? The Bible says God made a tree that would bring death to those who ate from it. What’s so good about that tree? It served no purpose but to tempt people to disobey God and bring a curse on the world. That tree is something God created that was not good at all.

God also created humans, who turned out to be so evil, God wished he’d never made them. Later, he started intentionally creating evil people so they could cause great destruction. He also made a bunch of difficult laws for us to break, just so we would sin more. He creates a powerful delusion to prevent wicked people from finding the truth and being saved.

And we aren’t the only bad creatures he made. According to the Bible, ostriches are terrible parents, because God made them that way.1 God makes things so messed up, no one can possibly fix them.

Where do disasters come from? The Bible says God creates them. For instance, he made fire that came down from heaven and killed Job’s livestock and servants for no reason. God makes stockpiles of hail, saving it up for when he wants to cause trouble.

God made a worm to destroy Jonah’s shade plant, just so he could make a weak analogy to try to make a point about why he thought it was okay for him to say he was going to destroy Ninevah but then not actually destroy Ninevah. And with that shelter gone, God also created very unpleasant weather conditions that added nothing to his point, just to torment Jonah.

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