Do people only get drunk at night?


When the apostles demonstrated their new ability to speak to multiple people in multiple languages at once, some people dismissed them by saying they were drunk. Then, rather than pointing out that that made no sense as an explanation, Peter’s response was that they couldn’t possibly be drunk, because it was still morning.

Peter apparently had the same belief Paul had. Paul said those who get drunk do it at night. And he said the daytime is when people behave decently, and not in drunkenness. The Old Testament disagrees with them, though…


After Uriah spent the night outside David’s palace, David got him drunk, and then in the evening he went back out to sleep outside the palace. It sounds like Uriah got drunk during the day, not at night.

Ben-Hadad and his allies all got drunk at noon. And in Isaiah, God condemns “those who rise early in the morning to run after their drinks“.

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