The Story of David and Abigail
David Expects to be Treated Like a King Prematurely

David sent messengers to a rich man named Nabal, asking him to give David and his men something, anything he could find. David thought Nabal owed him something in exchange for not harming Nabal’s employees. But Nabal chose not to give David anything, since he didn’t even know who David was. So David took 400 men with him and went to attack Nabal and murder all the men who worked for him.

When Nabal’s intelligent and beautiful wife Abigail heard what was happening, she hurriedly gathered a bunch of food and then sat on her ass rode a donkey down to see David. Abigail gave the food to David’s men, and told David to ignore her husband’s “foolishness”. So David didn’t kill Nabal… but God did. David rejoiced, and married Nabal’s wife Abigail.

The end.

The moral of the story

It doesn’t do any good to avoid doing evil, because if you don’t do something evil yourself, God will do it for you.

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