Does wisdom make people happy?


The Bible often says that wisdom brings happiness. Wisdom is like honey. Getting wisdom is extremely desirable and rewarding, because of how pleasant the ways of wisdom are. If you have wisdom, it will brighten your face, and you’ll love your life. Wise people don’t have to live in fear, and they don’t get angry easily, either. Folly, on the other hand, will just get you punished, so that’s no fun.

The wisdom of one person makes other people happy, too. Wise children bring their parents joy, unlike foolish children. Fools don’t give God any pleasure, either. Solomon’s people must have been very happy, getting to hang around him and listen to his wisdom all the time.

You should at least learn the sayings of the wise and start saying them yourself. It says that’s pleasing too. I’m not sure who that’s supposed to please, but it’s definitely pleasing. Or is it?


The Bible also says if you have no sense, your folly will bring you joy. People with understanding may delight in wisdom, but fools can also find pleasure in their schemes. So if happiness is your goal, you can be happy either way.

Wisdom doesn’t actually help with happiness, though. How good your life is is pretty random, and it really doesn’t have anything to do with how wise you are.

But isn’t it still at least possible to gain happiness while being wise? Nope. Gaining a lot of wisdom and knowledge will only bring you a lot of sorrow and grief. The wise spend their time mourning and disapproving of other people, while fools get all the pleasure and spend their time cheerfully singing.

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