Is anything hidden from God?


God watches everything humans do, and there’s nowhere they can hide from him. Their sin and guilt aren’t hidden from him, either. Everything you do that you think is hidden, God will bring into judgment.

People are foolish to think they can hide what they’re doing from God, no matter how hard they try. You can’t get away from God. God is everywhere, so there’s no secret place you can go where he won’t see you. God has eyes everywhere, keeping watch on both the wicked and the good. No matter where you go, God will be there. If you think you’re hidden in the dark, God will still be able to see you like it’s light.

The elders of Israel thought God wouldn’t see what they were doing in the darkness, because God had abandoned the land. But God showed them to Ezekiel in a vision, so he clearly was aware of what they were doing. In fact, nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight.

Cain said his banishment would cause him to be hidden from God, but God said it was not so. Though I can’t really tell if he meant that part was not so, or just what Cain said after that…


Sometimes God intentionally lets things be hidden from him. God commanded his people to bury their poop, to make sure he would never have to see it. God also told his people to put their idols out of his sight, which would be an impossible demand if nothing could be hidden from God.

Habakkuk says God’s eyes are too pure to look at evil, so that means all evil things are hidden from God! Isaiah says God hides himself from sinful people and doesn’t hear them.1 God also told Isaiah that “the past troubles” would be hidden from his eyes.

When God decided to stop inspiring prophecies but the prophets didn’t get the memo and continued prophesying anyway, God said he would cast them out of his presence and forget about them. When Jonah was swallowed by a fish, he said he had been banished from God’s sight.

Things can also be hidden from God even if he would like to be able to see them. When God was looking for Adam and Eve, they hid behind trees, and God didn’t know where they were.

Job said after he was dead and buried, God would search for him, but wouldn’t be able to find him. Eliphaz thought Job was wrong to think people could be hidden from God. But God confirmed that what Job said about him was true, and what Eliphaz said about him was not. The sons of Korah agree with Job that people in the grave are cut off from God, and he doesn’t even remember them.

Apparently God can’t see inside houses, so he had to have the Israelites put a sign on the outside so he could tell who was in there. Otherwise he might have thought they were Egyptians and accidentally killed them. Isaiah thinks hiding in your room is a good way to stay safe when God gets angry. And God has to use lamps to search for people, so apparently darkness can hide things from God.

Jesus, who the Bible says is God, couldn’t figure out who had touched him to heal herself, until she told him. Apparently you can hide from God just by being in a crowd.

Paul says some people’s sins come before God before those people themselves arrive to be judged, but other people’s sins “trail behind them“. So it sounds like it might take a while before God will be able to see what the person in front of him has done.

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