Is Jesus’s kingdom of this world?

After Pilate asked Jesus if he was the king of the Jews, Jesus stated that his kingdom was not of this world at all; it was “from another place”.

But Jesus contradicts this in one of his parables, in which a man tells his harvesters to pull the weeds out of his field before harvesting the wheat. This represents Jesus sending angels to weed all the evil people out of his kingdom at “the end of the age”.

If pulling the weeds out of the field represents taking the evil people out of Jesus’s kingdom, that kingdom must be represented by the field (or part of it). And what did Jesus say the field represents? The world.1 So Jesus’s kingdom must be in this world.

The book of Revelation seems to agree with this, and to disagree with what Jesus told Pilate. It says Jesus will bring together people from all over the world and make them into a kingdom, and they will reign on the earth.2 Jesus’s kingdom is located on this world, and consists of people from this world.

Possible explanation

Jesus lied about himself, as he always does.

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