Sex partners the Bible doesn’t forbid

The Bible has a lot of rules about who you shouldn’t have sex with. There are whole chapters devoted to the subject. But there are also a lot of sex rules surprisingly absent from the Bible. In this post, I’ll be listing some of the latter.

Important note: By including something on this list, I am not necessarily saying it should be forbidden, nor am I necessarily saying it should not be forbidden. I am including both acceptable acts and unacceptable acts in this list.

The things that should be forbidden are interesting to note because you’d think a supposedly good and infallible God wouldn’t forget to include those things in his laws. There are some pretty important rules missing!

And the things that should not be forbidden are also interesting because there are probably a lot of people who think it’s wrong to do some of these things, but the only reason they have for that belief is the false assumption that those things are forbidden by the Bible.

So here’s the list. As far as I can tell, there are no rules in the Bible1 against having sex with…

  • A consenting person who is not married or engaged2
  • An unmarried person, if you’re also unmarried, as long as you don’t have children together
  • An unmarried woman, as long as she will never get married
  • A young woman, as long as she doesn’t live in her father’s house
  • A woman who lives in her father’s house, as long as she isn’t young
  • Someone who isn’t a virgin and isn’t engaged
  • A female slave, as long as she isn’t engaged to another man
  • Foreigners, as long as you don’t marry them
  • Widows, as long as you don’t marry them
  • Divorced people, as long as you don’t marry them
  • Dead people
  • Multiple partners3
  • An engaged person, as long as they’re not a non-consenting young woman, a female slave, or a virgin
  • An engaged person, if you’re a woman
  • A woman, if you’re engaged to someone else
  • Someone who isn’t married or engaged, but is in a relationship with someone else
  • Two sisters, as long as you’re not married to both of them at the same time
  • Two cousins
  • Your brother’s concubine
  • Your grandson’s concubine
  • Your grandfather’s concubine
  • Your cousin4
  • A non-consenting person, as long as they’re not a young engaged woman or a virgin who isn’t engaged
  • A non-consenting person, as long as you’re not out in the country
  • A non-consenting person, if you’re a woman
  • Your non-consenting spouse5
  • Your subordinates6
  • Children

Let me know in the comments if there’s anything I didn’t include on this list that you think I should have, or vice versa.

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