Should people follow their hearts and eyes?

The author of Ecclesiastes (who claims to be Solomon, the wisest man of all time) advises young people to follow their hearts, and to follow whatever their eyes see. Everything else the Bible says about following your heart or your eyes is very much against it, though. Righteous Job, for instance, believes that people who let themselves be led by their eyes don’t deserve to eat.

God gave his people the law because he didn’t want them chasing after the desires of their hearts and eyes. He was not pleased when they decided to ignore him and just follow their hearts. Seeing his people following the evil desires of their hearts and eyes caused him so much grief, it made him want to curse them, banish them from the land, and kill them all.

Only a false prophet would say it was okay to follow your heart. God thinks people who follow their hearts are completely useless. He looks forward to a time when his people will finally stop following their stubborn, evil hearts.

Even the author of Ecclesiastes admits that God will judge you for following your heart and eyes, yet he recommends doing it anyway! That doesn’t seem very wise, Solomon.

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