Should people do good things publicly?


It is written: God’s people should let their light shine by doing good deeds in front of others, so everyone can see how good God is. They should do what is right in view of everyone, displaying their good works to both believers and nonbelievers. Hiding your good deeds would be stupid,1 like lighting a lamp only to cover it up. Only evil people are afraid to let their deeds be exposed.

God makes his righteousness known all over the world. Everything God does is right, so we should follow his example. Paul always tried to keep his conscience clear before other people. We should follow his example too.


It is also written: Do not follow the example of the hypocritical teachers of the law, who like to show off their righteousness. Do what they teach you to do, but keep it a secret. Be careful to never let anyone see you doing good deeds, or God will not reward you in the afterlife! If people think well of you, that’s the only reward you’ll ever get. Anyone who tries to win the approval of human beings isn’t a real Christian.

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