The Story of Samson and Delilah
Brawn and No Brains

Samson got a new girlfriend, named Delilah. Samson’s enemies, the Philistines, paid Delilah to figure out Samson’s secret weakness, so they could capture him. So Delilah asked Samson three times how such a strong man could be successfully tied up, and Samson gave her three false answers.

Each time, Delilah tied him up the way he suggested while he was sleeping, and then woke him up by telling him the Philistines had come for him, but Samson easily broke out of his restraints. Delilah kept nagging him every day, saying if he really loved her, he would tell her how to drain his strength and allow his enemies to capture him. So he did.

He told her that God was making him strong in exchange for not getting a haircut. Then Delilah got someone to cut off Samson’s disgracefully long hair while he was asleep. When she woke him up, he was surprised to find that his strength was gone this time. Then the Philistines came and blinded him and made him a slave in prison.

The Philistines brought Samson out to entertain them in the temple of their god Dagon, where they were celebrating their victory over him. Samson asked God to make him strong again so he could get revenge one more time. Since God loves revenge so much, he agreed. Then Samson broke the central pillars of the temple, and the building collapsed, killing him along with thousands of Philistines.

The end.

The moral of the story

When your girlfriend starts asking you for advice on how to turn you over to your enemies, it’s probably time to break up.

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