Will the heavens and earth last forever?


The Bible states that God has established the earth and the heavens forever. The earth’s foundations are everlasting, and it will remain forever. The Bible equates “forever” with “as long as the heavens endure“.

People who die can expect to stay trapped beneath the earth forever, which is only possible if the earth exists forever. Also, Christians who die can expect to go to live in an eternal house in heaven, where they will enjoy the everlasting inheritance that’s being kept for them there.


The Bible says although there may be a new heaven and earth one day, this heaven and earth will pass away. God will consume the whole earth with fire, and the heavens, too. The earth will be laid waste and wither. It will be violently shaken and broken up, and once it falls, it will never rise again. When God shakes the earth and the heavens for the last time, they will be removed. The heavens will recede like a scroll and vanish, and the earth will wear out. The heavens and earth will perish and be discarded, and there will be no place for them.

In fact, God already destroyed the earth thousands of years ago. And every time he raises his voice, the earth melts.

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