Do people need to worry about not having the resources they will need?


Jesus advised people not to worry about what they would eat or drink or wear. Why worry about those things? There’s more to life than having the things you need to live! He says you should follow the example of the birds and the flowers. Birds don’t bother with farming or storing up food, and they’re doing fine, aren’t they? Flowers don’t bother making clothes, and they still look great, don’t they?

Jesus said the reason the birds and flowers don’t have to worry about agriculture and tailoring is that God cares about them. And God cares about us a lot more, so he’ll definitely provide us with everything we need without us having to work for it. So just don’t worry about it. Never plan ahead. Worrying is for pagans. And being worried wouldn’t actually change anything anyway.

Paul agreed that you shouldn’t worry about anything. You should just let God take care of everything.


Jesus also told a parable about some women who he called foolish, because he thought they should have brought extra oil for their oil lamps, just in case the event they were attending started ridiculously late and wasn’t canceled or rescheduled and didn’t have its own lighting. The character representing Jesus in his story locked those women outside, shunning them for being unprepared for this possibility.1 So it looks like you do need to worry about not having the resources you’ll need, then.

At least in the case of oil. God isn’t going to give you free oil. He’s going to reject you for failing to get it yourself. But this is a parable, so the lesson probably applies to other things too, right? What about food? According to Jesus, God won’t necessarily provide you with the food you need, either. God may feed the birds no matter what, but he doesn’t do the same for everyone. He sends some people away empty.

Jesus also pointed out that if you’re going to build a tower, the first thing you ought to do is estimate how much it will cost, and make sure you can actually afford to build it. He said if you neglect to do that, everyone will make fun of you when you inevitably fail to complete your project. He did not say you should carelessly start building, and just expect God to provide you with enough money to finish it.

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