Should people always trust?


The Bible says if you don’t have love, you’re nothing, and it says one of the characteristics of love is to always trust. It says when you pray, you should trust absolutely that God will give you what you ask for. Otherwise, you’re an uncertain, unreliable person, and your prayer won’t do you any good. Jesus thought his disciples were foolish for not fully trusting everything the prophets said.

This all goes along with the principle of faith, since one aspect of faith is complete trust. And the Bible generally presents faith as a good thing. Yet there are also quite a few passages that say it’s not always good to trust…


What some people trust in is completely unreliable, so it’s obviously not good to trust in that. People may trust in fortified cities, but those can be destroyed. Nothing David’s lying enemies say can be trusted. And when you’re surrounded by evil liars, you can’t even trust your friends and family. Trusting in crime certainly won’t do you any good. Neither will trusting in riches.

God will only help you and let you approach him if you don’t trust in idols. And if you do trust in idols, you’ll be in trouble, not just because they’re worthless, but also because God will punish you.

People who trust in their own beauty make God angry. Don’t trust in your own cleverness, either. Or even your own righteousness. If you trust in yourself, you’re a fool, and you will die. Don’t trust any human, for that matter, or you’ll be cursed. Humans can’t save you, anyway. They’re not the most trustworthy beings. You’ll be in trouble if you put all your trust in horses and chariots and Egyptians.

The Bible says not to trust in deceptive words. In order to follow that advice, you’ll have to first investigate everything people say to find out if it’s deceptive or not, before you’ll know whether you should trust it or not. So really you’d end up not actually trusting anyone at all. Which is good, since only simple-minded people thoughtlessly trust everything people say.

The Bible says you shouldn’t even trust prophets. Instead, you should test prophecies and reject the bad ones. Any prophet who ever gets anything wrong must be killed. But where do all these false prophecies come from, anyway? All prophecy is from God. Even false prophecies. So clearly you can’t trust God, either. He’s always deceiving people, because he wants people to believe a lie. What he tells you could very well turn out to be false. So even God is not to be trusted.

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