The Story of the Plague of Quail
God Solves a Problem by Creating a Worse Problem

The Israelites were getting tired of eating nothing but bread from heaven, so they asked for some meat. Moses didn’t know where to get meat, even though God had already given them meat when they had asked before. So Moses asked God to kill him.

But God promised he would give the people meat to eat until they got tired of that, too. So he flooded them with trillions of quail from the sea. The mere millions of Israelites went out and gathered up the three-foot-high pile of quail that covered their camp. And then they put them back all over the camp, since there was nowhere else to put them.

So they ate quail for a month. But when they ate the quail, they got sick, possibly because of something the quail had eaten. Or maybe just because they had to eat thousands of quail per meal.

The end.

The moral of the story

If you want something, don’t ask God for it, or he will kill you.

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