Can money save your life?


No payment is ever enough to get God to let someone live forever, so your money will fail to save your life eventually. There’s nothing you can give in exchange for your soul. There is something you can get that will save your life permanently, but it’s not something you can buy with money. But what about when someone’s life gets cut shorter than normal? Can money help prevent that?

No, the wicked can’t save themselves with their treasure. God’s law does not allow murderers to bribe their way out of the death penalty. It doesn’t allow accidental killers to bribe their way out of being killed if they leave the city of refuge. And it doesn’t allow people to bribe their way out of being murdered if someone has decided to “give them over to the Lord” by “devoting them to destruction“.

Having money isn’t as good as having wisdom and knowledge, because money doesn’t preserve those who have it. Wealth is not what will save you from death. It’s worthless for that. So the rich shouldn’t put their hope in wealth. Those who trust in their riches will fall.


But Solomon says riches can save your life, like a fortified city. Money is the answer for everything, after all.

God’s law says if someone who owns a bull is sufficiently careless about it and it kills someone as a result, the owner of the bull should be executed. But they also have an option to just pay a fine and redeem their life.

When Moses was going to count the Israelites because God told him to, God apparently thought that was evil somehow. He would have sent a plague to kill all the people who had been counted, but he gave them a way to convince him to spare their lives: by paying him money.

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